Suburban Skeletons

Second of many examples of my work from Intro to Creative Writing. Check out the original post here.

Suburban Skeletons

A shattered apron. As if

too fragile to commute

to work, but too frightened

to stay home. Scars

run down her back

and create a plot of fear.

Her toes wrinkle

from the warm baths

she took to escape. Wrinkle

like the bills he slams

on the bar and like her face

in another decade of fake.

Neighbors envy

their pristine lawn

with straight cut lines

and the crystal pool, barren

of any leaves and never

anything but blue.

But envy is blind, and claims

of tragedies within

will never reach the outdoors.

My Favorite Class #1

This is the first in a series where I will discuss my favorite classes here at Washington College and what made them so great!

Introduction to Creative Writing

My first semester of college I took one of my favorite classes ever, still to this date despite the fact that it counts towards to degree I’m aiming for! That’s the beautiful thing about WAC, you actually have time to take classes that don’t necessarily count towards a major. I am hoping to be an English minor, but unfortunately my Introduction to Creative Writing class didn’t count for that! Oh well, it was still a great class - I highly recommend it if you end up coming to WAC. Take it with Professor Dubrow.

What I really loved about this course is I could see growth. I was completely inexperienced with poetry when I first came to WAC, but Professor Dubrow definitely opened my eyes to this avenue of writing. My writing started out being really abstract, but Dubrow taught me how to hone in my writing to use imagery to create an image in readers minds. It also helps that Dubrow is a very successful poet herself! Check out her work here.

This class was challenging, but super rewarding. No doubt that it improved my writing and expanded my horizons looking past just journalism. I will be posting some of my work from this class in the following days/weeks/months so look out for those scattered amongst my other posts!

Expression - WC in One Word


Today as you may have seen previously is National Day on Writing, which is an especially wonderful day when you love to write as much as I do! I was working at the Admissions Blog table and encouraging students to write down a word that describes their time at WAC. Since I was pushing this activity so much on my fellow shoremen I decided to write my own!

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