junior at Washington College sharing my triumphs, adventures, and derps of college life. ~ written by me, Emma Way
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My Weekend


Friday, 11/15: Well every Friday I work, after class, at the Customs House as a “tour guide”. I put that in quotes because I don’t really give tours, I simply hand out iPods for the self-guided tour. Its a great job, however, because I am able to meet lots of locals and people visiting the campus as well as get to know the wonderful people that work in the Customs House. I work there from about 12:30-4pm. 

Once I got done work I went back to my dorm to finish my article due for The Elm at 5pm. After that was complete my boyfriend and I went to one of the kitchens in Chester Dorm (I’m super jealous that they get a kitchen!) to film my part of a video I’m working on for Spanish. My part was the cleaning up and washing dishes aspect of a typical dinner. I decided to have some fun with it! Who knew washing dishes could be so fun?

Then I went to the basketball game, which started off as a great game and then ended up looking more like a game of fowls where our team ended up losing. Booooo :(. But I still had a great time! People get really into the basketball games here so its a lot of fun to just sense all the energy in the room. Here’s a picture I took from the game:


After the basketball game I quickly got a meal from Mondo’s (the sub shop underneath the dining hall) and got ready for my Safe Ride shift. It was a really really long night. The fire alarm at Public Safety went off six times while I was working! That means six times I had to take my binder and walkie talkie out in the rain so I could continue taking calls. 

Saturday, 11/16: I started off my morning really early with an event for WACappella. We always sing at the Open Houses, so you may have seen me if you happened to attend any of the open houses this year! We sang three songs on this morning: Wrecking Ball, You and I, and Can’t Hold Us. It went really well and I can’t wait for the next one!

After the quick concert I rushed over to the local Chestertown Public library to conduct an interview for my class, Cannon St. as a Classroom. Following the hour long interview I took two of my residents to the mall for some shopping! We went to Target, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Delias, Forever 21, American Eagle, and Tilly’s. I just love a good shopping trip :).


After I got back from the mall I did a little bit of homework and cleaned my room. Then my good friend, Eric Burcin asked me if I wanted to be in his film for the 24 hour film challenge. This film challenges requires participants to plan, film, and edit everything in under 24 hours from 5pm to 5pm the following day. Kinda crazy! I’m not allowed to share the final product, but look out for it on Thursday because that’s the release day! I can tell you one thing, I escape from jail. Tehe :). This filming lasted until like 2am so once I got back to my room I passed out! 

Sunday, 11/17: Today was pretty boring in comparison on Friday and Saturday, because esentially all I did was work all day long. Every Sunday I work for Phonathon, which is where I call alumni, parents, and friends of the college and ask for monetary gifts in order to support student scholarships, campus beautification, etc. Trust me - it makes a HUGE difference. 

Overall it was a great, but busy weekend!