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Finals - not all that bad this year

For me, it seems as if the worst has passed because I actually have NO finals this year. Of course I still have research papers to finish but I’d much rather write five papers than take one exam. However, since I’m an RA I will be here until the very last day even though I don’t academically have to be here.

I basically have four presentations with accompanying papers/projects for all my classes. For my Civil War and Violence in Africa class I already turned in my paper so now I just have to present, which is easy when you just spent all this time researching! Then in my Doing Anthropology class I still have to analyze my research and but it all nicely together in a research paper, which will probably go over 20 pages. I also have a presentation for this which happens to be the same day as my Nigeria presentation. Next I have Spanish, which luckily there’s no paper but as a group we filmed videos and now we have to present them. There’s also still an oral exam, but nothing too too scary. Finally I have my most frustrating and confusing class - Cannon St. as a Classroom. For this class I still have a hefty research paper to write and a high-stakes presentation where I will be presenting in front of the community.

Overall I know I can get it done and do work. Plus I have three weeks to do all this. I got this :).

Research Papers

What is having fifty-three tabs open at one time? What is having fourteen books checked out of the library? RESEARCH PAPERS. Its that time of the semester where writing and social studies students are forced to write term papers on top of term papers. In the past month I have written a thesis and a half, which is kind of ridiculously for a sophomore. But what’s even more ridiculous is that I love it. I love throwing myself into a topic and learning so much I feel like an expert. 

I love reading what other researchers have to say about the topic, watching the documentaries about whatever topic I’m currently immersed in, and memorizing the respective wikipedia page about the topic (no shame! everyone does it!!).

My research skills have drastically improved this year and all my professors can tell. Which is amazing in its self - the fact that they know me well enough to tell that I’m improving! I hate to be such a nerd, but I can honestly say that WAC has made me love doing these research assignments. When you’re passionate about something it’s easy to research and write thesis length papers (generally 30-50 pages).

My current/past research projects of this semester:

1. The Modern-Day Hijab (ended up being 19 pages and I presented it at the conference in Morocco)

2. Conflict and Inequalities of Nigeria (ended up being 22 pages, but I made the spacing smaller so now its 18)

3. Racial and Gender Inequality - African American Women in Chestertown, MD. This research is for my Cannon Street as a Classroom class where my whole class is studying the African American population in Chestertown. Fun Fact: the freedom riders actually came through Chestertown and stayed here for a while!

4. Last, but seriously not least - The effects that charter schools have on traditional public schools. I have already done four interviews for this class and they’re going great!!! Super excited to write my full analysis. I plan to do at least two more interviews.

Although research sounds like a super dull thing, I love it because I really get the opportunity to learn a lot about one topic.