Finals - not all that bad this year

For me, it seems as if the worst has passed because I actually have NO finals this year. Of course I still have research papers to finish but I’d much rather write five papers than take one exam. However, since I’m an RA I will be here until the very last day even though I don’t academically have to be here.

I basically have four presentations with accompanying papers/projects for all my classes. For my Civil War and Violence in Africa class I already turned in my paper so now I just have to present, which is easy when you just spent all this time researching! Then in my Doing Anthropology class I still have to analyze my research and but it all nicely together in a research paper, which will probably go over 20 pages. I also have a presentation for this which happens to be the same day as my Nigeria presentation. Next I have Spanish, which luckily there’s no paper but as a group we filmed videos and now we have to present them. There’s also still an oral exam, but nothing too too scary. Finally I have my most frustrating and confusing class - Cannon St. as a Classroom. For this class I still have a hefty research paper to write and a high-stakes presentation where I will be presenting in front of the community.

Overall I know I can get it done and do work. Plus I have three weeks to do all this. I got this :).