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Fuddy Meers

What a hilarous play directed by Sam Bitzelberger. Well written, well directed, well acted! Everything was just fabulous. Never have I ever laughed so hard at any play at Washington College. This play was a comedy, but it was more of a dark comedy. The premise was very 50 First Dates-esk with the main character, Claire, having psychogenic amnesia, a rare disease where she loses her memory following every sleep. 

The play follows Claire as she tries to find out what happened to her in a humorous and suspenseful way. The title, “Fuddy Meers” is a strange one, but made complete sense after seeing the play. One of the characters is an old lady who is recovering from a stroke and has great difficulty speaking clearly. Fuddy Meers is the way that old lady says “funny mirrors,” which becomes a large theme of the play.

I loved every second of this production and below are a few pictures of my favorite scenes. Considering the fact that a senior put on this play on a very limited budget and time-frame I was super impressed! The play was in Tawes Theatre, which is kinda the home for all the senior thesis productions. I look forward to whatever senior thesis is next, although Bitz’s play is going to be really hard to beat!!