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My favorite dining experience over break! - Lambert’s cafe, home of the throwed rolls (yes they throw those rolls at you). So delicious.

The best day in the dining hall

This is an obvious choice…. Thanksgiving day dinner of course! I got to the dining hall at 4:30pm just to get ready for this extravagant event. The dining hall goes all out for this dinner. From Charlie Brown thanksgiving videos playing on televisions to a giant inflated turkey to food galore.

On the menu is typical thanksgiving day food - stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, everything else you could ever imagine. And then you get to dessert….. Pies on pies on pies. Some people even try to steal a whole pie because they’re concerned they’ll be all gone before they’re done eating their meal.

This dinner is so anticipated you can be sure the lines will stretch further than any other day of the year. It’s just a thing. And you deal with it because who doesn’t want thanksgiving dinner.

My typical thanksgiving dinner schedule (at the dhall):

4:29-4:30 walk to the dining hall, yes my dorm building is THAT close.

4:30 walk up with friends so that we can be sure to get a big table sitting together. On such a busy day there’s no guarantee you’ll find a big enough table where you want to sit unless you get there early enough

4:40 get food. Even this early the lines are still crazy long. I recommend grabbing a slice of corn bread and nomming on it while you stand in line.

5:00 sit down and go to town. Just eat your heart out!

5:30 attempt to find dessert. This is a struggle, but I got lucky this year. I got a slice of pumpkin AND apple pie. Call me greedy, but it’s worth it.

6:00 leave the lines in the dust. Retreat to room before riot breaks out over the last slice of pumpkin pie (not really but kinda).

6:15 sleep… Like for a long long time. They really should just cancel classes for the following day.

Crash Course to the Dining Hall


DO eat pizza every once in a while just to avoid the lines

DON’T limit yourself to only the right side of the d-hall

DO sit on the main floor

DON’T sit up against that wall

DO put every imaginable topping on the salads

DON’T take a tray – just don’t do it

DO eat with different friends for different meals

DON’T avoid the ice cream

DO wake up for breakfast – I promise it will start your day off in the best possible way… with bacon

DON’T go to breakfast after 9:30. You will be severely disappointed

DO get an omelet, but be prepared to wait 20 minutes for it

DON’T just ask for mayo at the sandwich line – ask for light mayo unless you want your sandwich flooded with goopy fat that is mayo.

DO mix different kinds of drinks together. Who knew that orange, cranberry, and grape juice tasted so good together?

DON’T feel that you need justification to eat ice cream. As I said before just don’t avoid it… enjoy it.

DO eat your veggies

DON’T keep your plate one color

DO fist pump with AJ, the nice guy who refills the napkin holders

DON’T leave hungry.

This traditional Moroccan mint tea is a staple of every meal and the aroma always fills the room with the rich scent of mint. Oh and its really delicious too. 

Yogurt Eating Competition sponsored by ZTA to collect lids for breast cancer research! I ate 6 yogurt cups in 3 minutes. I think I’m going to be sick :P