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Sophomore Year Bucket List

With only one more month of school it’s really hit me that I’m almost halfway through my college career. This time next year I’ll be in Italy and be a rising senior. That’s just crazy talk.. To really enjoy this end of the year fully I’ve created a bucket list of things I want to do before the end of my sophomore year (I’m making it a little flexible to include somethings in the summer).

  1. Layout my very own section in the Elm
  2. Go kayaking
  3. Take a trip to DC
  4. Donate my hair to Relay for Life
  5. Have a picnic down by the water
  6. Do all my homework for the week the weekend before and just enjoy a stress-free week
  7. Study for all my finals starting at least a week in advance
  8. Give someone a tour around campus (I’m not a tour guide so I don’t know how this would work, but I’ve always wanted to give someone a tour!)
  9. Recruit new writers to my section on the newspaper 
  10. Talk to a prospective student and help them with their college search
  11. Hold an event for the Anti-Human Trafficking Club, which I am now in charge of.
  12. Get a 4.0 this semester
  13. Secure a summer job in California
  14. Write three times a week for my travel blog
  15. May day
  16. Go to more SEB events because they’re free and awesome, but for some reason I don’t make it to the majority of them
  17. The Office Marathon
  18. Read a pleasure book
  19. Find the time to relax
  20. Sing and dance in front of a large audience during my solo of “Happy” at our WACappella concert.
  21. Not get locked out of my room anymore
  22. Do my homework on the green at least once a week
  23. Spend lots of quality time with my friends who are graduating :’(
  24. Have my work published in Smart Girls Group magazine
  25. Travel out of the country
  26. Eat sushi
  27. Enjoy every second!

I hope you enjoyed my random list as much as I’ve enjoyed my sophomore year :).