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Weekend Festivities

So excited for tomorrow! First off, Saturdays are always awesome no matter what the weekend because I can actually get a break. Although my definition of a break is getting time to catch up on homework… but hey it does relieve stress for me to actually sit down and get caught up on all my work and maybe even get ahead!

Secondly, all the admitted students are coming tomorrow which is super exciting! I’m not just saying that because I work for admissions, I am genuinely excited to see all the new faces that I could be in classes or clubs with next year! Also I’m ready to recruit some writers for the student newspaper, The Elm, so be ready! I’ve heard that the class of 2018 has the potential to be one of the largest classes yet, which makes me really excited for a multitude of reasons. One, because budgets got seriously slashed and tuition got seriously increased this year primarily because of the low enrollment. There was simply too many empty rooms and not enough income. Two, because I love Washington College and this new class, because of how big it’s expected to be, is the future driving force in maintaining this place that I call my second home.

The third reason I’m so excited for this weekend is the Andy Grammer concert! I love Andy Grammer and I even convinced my friend from home to come down and see it with me. I went out and bought an air mattress even! I’m so excited to see my good friend and Andy Grammer. The concert is going to be awesome because they’re doing everything in their power to pack the audience, which is great because a lot of times concerts are disappointingly empty. It sucks when our school spends so much money on a concert that no one goes to. So this year they’re giving admitted students free tickets to see the concert along with whatever student is hosting them. What a great idea - it’s going to make the concert that much better. Plus I can’t wait to party with all the new students! Yay!

Ok overly-energetic rant over. :)