junior at Washington College sharing my triumphs, adventures, and derps of college life. ~ written by me, Emma Way
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My Favorite Class #4: Acting 101

This high energy class is the perfect way to start my day. I have Dale Daigle as my professor and he is laid-back, funny dude. He’s really taught me, already this semester, that being weird and spontaneous is totally ok! I love this class because I can go in there, be myself, have fun, and not be weighed down by hours of work.

Right now in class we’ve been working on acting a scene. We had to get into groups of two - I actually had the pleasure of working with one of my residents! It was pretty awesome getting to know her much better :). Then last Tuesday we had to perform our short scene in front of the class for a grade. What I love about the grades though is he mostly just grades based on effort - it’s not about being a broadway quality performer and its just about getting out there and knowing your lines. I had a lot of fun on stage with just Ellen (my resident and partner). Plus we totally nailed our lines and killed it on the acting part as well.

Today’s class was especially fun because we got to act in the personalities of our characters from the scene we chose. Then once we figured out the little things our characters would say and do, the class interviewed you. I had so much fun acting like my character because I could be someone completely different and forget about all the things Emma has to do today and focus on just my character. It was strange! Like an out of body experience.

Bottom line: Dale rocks, take him for your distribution or just become a Drama major cause he’s a hoot.

Fuddy Meers

What a hilarous play directed by Sam Bitzelberger. Well written, well directed, well acted! Everything was just fabulous. Never have I ever laughed so hard at any play at Washington College. This play was a comedy, but it was more of a dark comedy. The premise was very 50 First Dates-esk with the main character, Claire, having psychogenic amnesia, a rare disease where she loses her memory following every sleep. 

The play follows Claire as she tries to find out what happened to her in a humorous and suspenseful way. The title, “Fuddy Meers” is a strange one, but made complete sense after seeing the play. One of the characters is an old lady who is recovering from a stroke and has great difficulty speaking clearly. Fuddy Meers is the way that old lady says “funny mirrors,” which becomes a large theme of the play.

I loved every second of this production and below are a few pictures of my favorite scenes. Considering the fact that a senior put on this play on a very limited budget and time-frame I was super impressed! The play was in Tawes Theatre, which is kinda the home for all the senior thesis productions. I look forward to whatever senior thesis is next, although Bitz’s play is going to be really hard to beat!!