My Overflowing Planner

It feels like once I cross one thing off my to do list, I add three things (rinse and repeat). Week after week I’m insanely busy and I am just longing for May 9th when everything can be done. As much as I love it here, this time of year is simply horrible and you can tell. Seniors, trying to finish their thesis, don’t shower and show up to dinner with a disheveled look that says “I’ve been in the library for the past 34 hours.” First year students, during this last couple week push of assignments, finally understand the meaning of being busy. And me? Well I don’t even have time to eat, let alone sleep. It also doesn’t help that it’s allergy season and I’m coming down with a cold. Fun stuff! <— complete sarcasm

I do have some things to look forward to, which are really helping me make it through this week.

One, for my Journalism Practicum class we’re going out to eat on Thursday all fo’ free. Hollaaa

Two, WACappella is performing at Apollo Night on Thursday right after the dinner with my class. Then we’re going to have our last rehearsal before our dress rehearsal! Eeeek!

Three, Flock Out and prospective students that are 10th and 11th graders have their open house on Saturday. 

Four, Going to the beach on Sunday with my best friend Zee, then the WACappella dress rehearsal.


Can’t wait to see this handsome fellow :)

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