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Questions to ask on your college tour!

  1. Where is the best place to study on campus? - You are here to learn so there’s gotta be a good place to study… duh! My favorite place to study is kind of boring.. it’s my room. I actually love my desk. When it’s warm outside though, I love hanging out and doing my work on the Green.
  2. What does a typical weekend look like? - In addition to classwork you have to know how to have fun on the weekends. My typical weekend usually starts with an episode of Scandal or the Office and then slowly transitions to a night of dancing with my good friendimage
  3. What is your least favorite thing about WAC? - This one is important because nothing is perfect and in order to effectively balance your pros and cons this is necessary. My least favorite thing about WAC is that there’s a lot of people who don’t go to any of the events. I do wish that campus was more involved, for example we bring awesome bands to campus and only 100 (or less) people will go.
  4. What’s your major? - Get to know your tour guide and the students around you! The best way to get a grasp of whatever school you’re touring is to figure out what students are like. Do they have similar interests than you and can you see yourself fitting in on campus? My major is political science as I’ve mentioned many times before (I have a concentration in African Studies and a minor in Anthropology and English).
  5. What’s your favorite thing about WAC? - This kind of goes along with the one above. My favorite thing at WAC are my friends and the people. I have made such great friends and there’s never a dull moment.image
  6. What’s your favorite place downtown? - When going to college it’s not just about the campus, the downtown is also vitally important. Check out Chestertown downtown because it has so much to offer than you would ever imagine in such a small town. My personal favorite is Empty Hangers, a thrift shop on Cannon St.
  7. Who’s your favorite professor and why? - It’s always good to know that professors don’t suck to be blunt. It’s also important to know which professors to take and which not to take. My favorite is probably Dr. Shad or Dr. Lampman, but Dr. Schindler, Dale, and Dubrow are also awesome. 
  8. What are you involved in? - Ask this question not so much because you’re super interested in what your tour guide does, but to know what is offered on campus. Odds are your tour guide is very involved because it kind of comes with the job. My answer to that question? - What am I not involved in?!
  9. How can I write for a school newspaper and get paid? - Shameless plug to check out the campus newspaper, The Elm.
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