15 College Tips

  1. Don’t be afraid to go to the dining hall even if you’re not going with someone. Make new friends! It’s really easy at WAC :).
  2. Get to know your professors. They are experts in their field and they know A LOT of people. People that could possibly get you internships or jobs in the future. Or flat out money…
  3. Don’t half ass your work. I don’t we’re all pressed for time, but you will get so much more out of your college experience if you really put 100% into every assignment. Ok maybe not every assignment, but the big ones. Be proud of the work you put out.
  4. Skipping a reading here and there is ok. When it comes down to you want to make memories in college not just get to know the library. Although you may be thinking #3 and 4 contradict, they don’t. I’m talking about little reading assignments here, which yes are great if you have the time to read them, but sometimes professors’ expectations are a little ridiculous so you shouldn’t stress yourself out over a chapter here or there.
  5. Never settle for anything less than you deserve. This can be applied to some many parts of the college experience, so I’m just going to leave this up for interpretation.
  6. Limit how often you go home. For some this isn’t a problem because you live so far away, but for me at least I really had to be careful with how much I went home. If you go home every weekend you’re really missing a huge chunk of college - in fact you’re missing the fun part!
  7. Take advantage of free stuff - WAC has so much free stuff to offer whether it’s kayaking on the Chester River or a shuttle to the Annapolis mall or just a concert! Participate in these things so that the college will continue offering them.
  8. Go downtown. Washington College is not all that Chestertown has to offer. There’s some great shops and restaurants, not to mention the waterfront. Whenever I go downtown I’m instantly in a better mood - I highly recommend it.
  9. Finish your distribution classes first. Learn from my mistakes and get those out of the way. I’m struggling to get into some honor societies, like Cater Society, now because I’m still finishing up my distribution. Your major classes can wait, get those horrible math classes out of the way first.
  10. Travel abroad. At least once, preferably more. Experiences abroad have changed my life for the better and now I just never want to stop traveling.
  11. Reach out to younger students or even prospective students. It feels really great to help my residents in whatever they may need around campus as well as reaching out prospective students and helping them guide their college search. It’s just a great way to help WAC stay wonderful.
  12. Do your homework in Hodson instead of the library. As long as you have nothing pressing try doing your homework in a more public place! I’ve found that it’s a great way to just say a quick hello to passing by people and you’ll be more involved with your friends’ lives by doing this. For example if you were hiding away in a library cubicle you probably wouldn’t see anyone, but if you’re in Hodson someone walks by and sees you and then invites you to come to a party that weekend or to DC. It’s just a great way to be more involved with minimal effort. Plus it’s a great location - near all the food.
  13. Go to sports games! I wish a did this more because a lot of the teams have being doing really well and it’s a great way to hang out with people. Plus it’s free!
  14. Join a gazillion clubs.
  15. Have fun and make your own list of rules to live by. These are just my experiences but everyone is going to feel different so remember that.
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