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10-19madridista: Hi, I saw that you helped create a club for raising awareness about human trafficking. I am a sophomore at St. John's university in New York and have been looking to start a club like this since last semester. I was hoping you could give me some pointers on how to go about starting this. Thanks!!

Definitely!! Well I was actually originally the treasurer and then our president quit so I took over sooooo I’d say be ready to devote A LOT of time into the group to get it started. Put flyers up everywhere about meetings and send out millions of email blasts to the campus. Finally what I’m doing with my group is offering an internship in probably Thailand (not certain yet) next January for two weeks to volunteer at an NGO related to Human Trafficking. Also I did the same thing you’re doing, spoke to other groups. That’s always helpful. Hope that helps and maybe our groups could do something together one day!