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On Saturday I went to DC to go to the Newseum, which is definitely the best (and my favorite) museum I’ve ever gone to. It’s all about journalism and media’s influence on the world. So cool. There’s still so much I didn’t get to see so I want to go back like next weekend.

I love how close WAC is to DC! The closest metro is only an hour away (90 minutes with traffic) and then from there you can get to the national mall in 30 minutes - plus metros are more fun than driving! You can read books and not worry about horrible city drivers, etc etc. The best part about WAC’s location is that they offer a shuttle to the metro station every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! And get ready for the best part about that ——- it’s free! Yup, it’s free. Future students pay attention to this! The shuttle goes to Annapolis Mall, the DC metro, and BWI airport (before and after breaks). It’s great and there’s usually not too much hassle reserving seats.

I had a great time in DC because truly I’m a city girl at heart so I get restless in rural Chestertown. I can’t wait to go back.

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