junior at Washington College sharing my triumphs, adventures, and derps of college life. ~ written by me, Emma Way
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team i can’t do math for shit but i can write a 3 page english paper in less than an hour 


Where did you fall in love with Washington College? For a lot of people, the Library Terrace is a beautiful, peaceful place—perfect for writing, working or falling in love.


View from library while studying!

WAC, you never disappoint

The second floor of Miller Library (the quiet floor) is definitely my favorite study spot at WAC, there’s no temptation to be distracted (unless you gaze at the beautiful campus out the window), and there are nifty window-seat booths for students to study and work at. I’ve probably already knocked down 3 papers with efficiency from here, ‘cause it’s awesome



WAC Happy Things #3

I wasn’t planning on this one, but I just saw it and it made me so happy, so I have to include it.

#3 Our amazing admissions department and our new ads.


This above ad is in BWI airport, which, as you can see in this photo, is usually pretty…

“The worst mistake you can make is being too afraid to make one”

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Family weekend was so much fun!! I had an absolutely amazing time with my family and it was so good to see them again. We went into downtown Chestertown (about a 2 minute drive, if that) and looked in all the adorable shops. One, Gabriel’s of Chestertown, had this adorable little window art in its display window, welcoming us college students back. We also get a 10% discount in the store with our WAC i.d.!

From the town, my family and I walked down to the waterfront and it was absolutely gorgeous! I plan on going down by the water to study sometime as it was so quiet and peaceful.

“Does anyone know anything about computers?”

- teachers when a YouTube video starts buffering  (via imafraidthatsmedarling)

Washington, Oh Washington!


Okey dokey folks!

HIIIIIII!!!!!! I know you probably saw my 100 happy day posts (more on those later) over the summer, but now that’s done and I’m back at school and SUPER EXCITED to be here! I’m a sophomore now….wow….sophomore….already…well okay, momentary freak out about time flying by is…


So I was walking to Middle Hall yesterday to visit a friend when this view made me stop in my tracks. This campus truly is beautiful, and so is Maryland. I can’t believe how much this place already feels like home. The people are incredible and so loving, the professors have already blown me away with how wonderful they are and how engaging their lectures are, and the campus is gorgeous! I really need to walk around and re-remind myself why I fell in love with this place. 

I remember crossing over the beautiful Chester river and immediately knowing: This is Home. I had visited other colleges, but seeing the old, classy, beautiful Chestertown with the charming old buildings and small town feel was what made the difference for me.

However, it didn’t stop with Chestertown, for when I stepped foot on Campus and headed to the Casey Academic Center to find smiling faces that greeted me by name I knew the Chestertown charm filtered right into the school. You aren’t just a student here at WAC, you are family. And this is why I love WAC so much. It really is a home.